Internal server error

When I go to it gives me an internal server error. I am trying to download the iso but nope, I can’t. Been waiting for about an hour and still nothing. I have tried everything I could find online but nothing works.

Yes, it seems to be down right now.

Perhaps you can use Manjaro Linux Project Top Page - OSDN

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Oh, thanks for telling me! I’ll go ahead and try and download it there.

Actually I’ll just wait, seems like it’s archived and not the latest stable versions.

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Yeah just spotted it myself. Sorry about that I haven’t seen that site in a while.

It’s fine, I can just wait lol.

As i wrote in the other similar topic - you can use a torrent from Distrowatch (if you have not used torrents before, qbittorrent is a nice multiplatform client)

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Let me know if you want a different ISO @Pandoro and I’ll generate that one for you :slight_smile:

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If someone needs a torrent file, then it can be downloaded from my site


A page with a description of the problem appeared. And it has a link to this site.

How did you generate the magnet link?

@Pandoro using the client. Right-click on the torrent.

Another interesting bit …

Despite all the text everywhere about very outdated versions and things ‘moved to OSDN’ … the most current ISOs are in fact at sourceforge. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Depends on what kind of client you have. But usually it is the right mouse button on the necessary torrent, which is already added to your client and there should be a context menu “copy magnet link”

It’s alive!

Thanks to @codesardine :+1:

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