Interested in Getting a Fiio K3 DAC?

I’m interested in getting a Fiio K3 DAC (connects to PC via USB) to reduce the amount of noise over my microphone while recording.

How does KDE handle DAC’s like the K3? I plan on using it for multiple output sources (Notably my speakers, which will be wired at the back of the DAC, and my headset which will be wired at the front)

Will I be able to switch between the 2 via the Control Panel audio section like how I can for the motherboard and case audio?

External DACs will show as another sound output option in the GUI. You can swap between different sound outputs if you’d like.

I use a JDS Labs EL DAC & EL Amp, and before that a Schiit Modi & Magni, and that’s how it worked.

Personally… for my JDS Lab setup: Headphones connected to front of amp, speakers connected to back of amp, amp is connected to DAC, DAC is connected to computer.

The Amp has a switch to swap between Headphones & speakers.

The Fiio K3 DAC doesn’t have a mic input iirc. If you’re using a headset that has a mic built in as well, then only the audio will work, the mic will not work.

I recommend getting a USB desk mic instead, such as Fifine or Blue Yeti or another brand. Also, pop filters are great! If you must have a mic attached to your headphones, the Antlion Modmic USB works.

Yeah, I missed the lack of mic input.

I can’t seem to find one that has a 3.5mm speaker output, 3.5mm headphone output, and 3.5mm input for the mic.