Intellij IDE (pycharm and idea) locale problems

Hello! Could you please tell what can be the problem reason?

Intellij IDE (pycharm and idea) can’t open some projects. It shows the error because of some unreadable local symbols. I’ve tried to change locale, to move project to path with only english symbols and to remove old .idea folders, but it didn’t help.
I ran pycharm with sudo, than it worked correctly. But after that it doesn’t work from non-root user.
Thanks in advance!

I use the tools an a daily base - no issues with locales or other issues - my first thought points me to flatpak or snap - and this is known to - occasionally to give locale issues.

I even wrote a topic on it years ago [root tip] [How To] Avoid common pitfalls as developer

I’ve tried to install pycharm using JetBrains Toolbox, but unfortunately got the same problem