Intel wifi (iwlwifi) can't be brought up after botched updated

Something went wrong during my last system upgrade on stable XFCE (linux 5.15). I believe the problem was an old version of the v4l2-loopback module which prevented linux515-headers from building properly. To fix the issue, I chrooted into my Manjaro partition from an old Lubuntu drive and rebuilt the new 5.15 kernel and headers. From the looks of things, Manjaro now works fine again, except for one small detail: the wifi interface (inxi -n: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 Plus Bluetooth) is permanently down, and I cannot bring it up using the usual methods (ip link set wlp2s0 up, ifconfig wlp2s0 up). Both commands exit without output, but the interface stays down, as shown by ip addr.

rfkill list shows that everything is unblocked. I’ve tried to restart the NetworkManager daemon. I cannot reload the iwlwifi module since it is in use by iwlmvm. The output of nmcli dev status shows that wlp2s0 is unmanaged.

Any ideas where the issue might lie? I doubt it’s a problem with the iwlwifi driver itself, I’ve been using that for years without issue. I’ve also booted the 5.10 kernel and tried installing the 5.17 kernel, but both show the same issue.

This week I also fixed a problem with Nvidia GPU drivers being blacklisted by TLP, I wonder if this might be related.

Downgrading networkmanager and iwlwifi has worked for now, but I hope the issue is fixed soon.