Intel openCL don't work in Darktable

Hi, when i start Darktable I get several error message for OpenCL.

OpenCL initializing problem:
Platform detection failed, some possible causes:

  • OpenCL ICD (ocl-icd) missing
  • previous OpenCL errors leading to blocked devices
  • Power management problems
  • buggy drivers
  • no OpenCL driver installed.

I’m using a new laptop with 13th Gen intel®️ Core™️. i7-13700H*20 processor and 32 GB menory.
My graphic is Intel®️ Graphics (RPL-P)

Please advise what I can do to fix it in steps. :slightly_smiling_face:

sudo pacman -Syu intel-compute-runtime ocl-icd


Thank you very much for the tip. It works perfectly! :smiley:

Best Regards


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