Intel+Nvidia hybrid graphics overclock

Hello everyone,

I have a Lenovo Legion Y740 with hybrid graphics Intel + Nvidia RTX 2060, which I used in discrete graphics mode only until now. Now I turned hybrid graphics back on from bios and installed the video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-450xx-prime in mhwd. So far so good, applications run well with the prime-run command.

Questions :

How can I use the Nvidia card overclocked as in single graphics mode? I cannot figure out what config file to edit for that ex. Coolbits 8 …, and yes I want to use those extra 200 MHz on the core and 1000 MHz on the memory, it helps a lot in gaming, much more stable FPS.

Why are certain applications seem to run slow? Ex. sweethome3D is slow even with the prime-run command.

How could I manage to run Nvidia card when plugged in and Intel only when on battery? Is Optimus manager a good choice for that?

Thank you in advance, I couldn’t find anything regarding my questions so maybe they will help others out too.


What you are looking for is this, from archived forum

With it, you can have 3 actual ways to use the GPUs.
  • intel only
  • nvidia only
  • hybrid aka PRIME-OFFLOAD, aka prime-run

The overclock part is unknown to me. Maybe you can make use of GreenWithEnvy from repositories, but you will indeed have to add the Coolbits option to the config, but only when running nvidia only might work.

Hey @bogdancovaciu, thanks for the quick reply.
Yeah, figured I can use optimus-manager for my third question.

As for the overclock question, I cannot find a conf file, the nvidia.conf file in /etc/X11/mhwd.d/ is empty.

Yes, because the Manager is using is own scripts. There is where you have to start investigating. Give the topic some time and someone that has actually such hybrid laptop will come by to give the right direction.