Intel / Nvidia driver dilemma

Hello guys, I have Manjaro KDE installed on my Acer predator helios 300(PH-315-53) and I have few questions regarding Nvidia GPU. I have a RTX 2060 as my GPU.
The question I have is what is the difference between video-nvidia and video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime? Which one should I install or remove?

Here is my current graphics drivers status.

https ://

Remove the space after https to go to the link. Sorry, I couldnt post picture here so i had to do a workaround.


The way you have it now should be fine and is recommended. You can use optimus-manager to switch graphics. To directly use the dGPU aka Nvidia one, you can run applications with prime-run command. Example:
prime-run blender
prime-run firefox
prime-run glxinfo -B
prime-run glxgears

You get the idea …