Intel integrated GPU black screen solution for kernels 5.7.x and upwards

I currently have a Z97 motherboard with a Xeon E3-1265Lv4, using integrated GPU. This system currently cannot boot to any kernel higher than 5.6 out-of-box, 100% hangs with a black screen and no apprent error log showing in the journal or xorg logs.

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From the looks of it, the i915 driver indeed has some issues starting from 5.7 kernel (now EOL) and it’s still there on current 5.9 kernels. This patch appears to have fixed my booting issue. After applying the changes in the patch, I’m now able to build a kernel that can successfully boot to the GUI.

So anyone who’s in a similar situation may consider giving that patch a try to see if the kernel boots with that change applied. Note that the patch cannot be applied as-is on 5.9 kernel and needs to be tweaked before it can be applied.

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