Installing Windows and GRUB broke my Manjaro Install

Hi everyone,

I have a computer that used to run Manjaro on a SSD just fine. For professional reasons I elected to install a second SSD and Windows 10 on it.

As I wanted to be able to dual boot from the Manjaro Disk, I (most likely ill-advisedly) ran grub-install on the Manjaro install.

Since then, booting from the Manjaro disk is impossible, GRUB starts in rescue mode and I get a grub_verify_string error…

Any ideas as to what could have happened or how to troubleshoot the issue ?

Thanks a lot !

It seems like you unnecessarily reinstalled GRUB but didn’t generate the configuration file afterwards. You need to boot from Manjaro installation media (i.e. USB drive) and generate it.

You can probably skip the installation part. Just manjaro-chroot into your system and generate GRUB configuration file with grub-mkconfig.

Microsoft embraced and extinguished Manjaro for you. :rofl:

Sorry, couldn’t help it

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I feel kinda stupid… It worked.

Thanks a lot !


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