Installing ungoogled-chromium binary on Manjaro

I’ve noticed that there is a [binary version of ungoogled-chromium specifically for Arch Linux on the ungoogled-chromium website

ungoogled-software (dot) github (dot) io/ungoogled-chromium-binaries
(My account after the forum migration can’t post links yet, sorry for the weird URL)

I was surprised to see this package doesn’t seem to exist in Manjaro repos or in the AUR (just the non-binary version is available, and takes over an hour to compile).

Am I missing something? If not, what is the best way to install this package?

Would love to see this in official repos if the Manjaro team were open to that @philm

Yes the binaries were all removed from AUR. You have to build it yourself or add a 3rd party repo.

I host it if you want (specifically built on/for manjaro-stable):
(ignore the ublock package … I was testing something)


Whoa, sounds like there’s a story there. Did something happen?

My understanding is AUR doesnt exactly like binary packages when source is available…

…Specifically: An AUR package…

…should not contain the binary tarball created by makepkg, nor should it contain the filelist.

Huh… that doesn’t make sense to me. There are tons of large packages (Brave?) that have both binary and open source packages. For end-users, the open source packages take a huge amount of time and processing power to compile… That really sucks.

Brave provides a binary.
ungoogled is technically a patchset and thus releases no binary other than those submitted by unrelated third parties … such as in the case of arch, those created by available PKGBUILDS … so its a bit different situation.
(or at least thats how I understand it … :sweat_smile:)

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Is it still not possible to have Chromium and Ungoogled-Chromium installed side by side?

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It is not.

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@cscs, if you are maintaining ungoogled-chromium in your repo, how about uploading it to the community repos?