Installing single packet

hello all
maybe u can solve my problem

i want to install single packet
not update ( or upgrade ) entire system
due to my monitor model which is not supported be newer versions of manjaro

my question is
can i somehow install only chosen packet or not?

i ask because earlier I used command
pacman -S <packet_name>
and it worked

now this command tries to update entire system
wchich is not desired effect

did sth change or I am doing sth wrong

any help appreciated

Hi @Mortos,

AFAIK you cannot install a new packet without upgrading the entire system. The is ane IgnorePkg flag in /etc/pacman.conf but I don’t know if it’ll be any use here or even if it can be used in your case.

I realise this isn’t what you wanted to hear, so sorry.

(And anyway, why would you not want to update? You should always stay updated.)

Still hope it helps, tough!

Maybe download package from source/repositories and install it locally will work :thinking:

In general. Partial Updates are not supported on a rolling release distribution.
So keeping 1 package old is a recipe for disaster at some point.

If an up-to-date Manjaro does not work with your monitor, maybe it’s time to find a new distribution for that machine?
Also, the issue you have, is not “I can’t install a single package”, but rather “System breaks if I update it”.

So maybe you should see if you could get that part fixed instead?


hello guys. I am really frustrated.

when I update manjaro all I get is a blank screen after reboot

I need to install my hp deskjet

and hplip aks me for missing dependences

This can be caused by a wide variety of things.
Please be specific.

Also please learn how to post information:

Please understand me. I am not intentionally malignant.
I cannot update my system but I really dont need to.
Switching distributions dont solve update problem and I cannot buy new monitor now.
I asked this question ONLY because I know I can somehow install single packet because I did it twice.
Once by CLI command ( i dont remeber what )
and once by additional packet manager called ‘oprogramowanie’ ( in polish - ‘software’ in english )
which installed only application which I want ( for example game) without updating.
So I know it is possible but I dont know how.
So I ask this question once again.

hello. maybe I ll try your sollution I u allow me to.
I miss only two dependencies
libjpeg library
and gs ( ghostscript )
could u direct me how i can do it ?

Download packages which you need from one of mirrors: and install them. But you should have in mind that packages which you download may need other packages which may need another packages etc etc… Loop of dependencies in some cases may be long. And in some cases those packages may require newer package than available in your system. In some cases this operation will be impossible without full update.