Installing release candidate

Hello there. I would like to make a fresh installation of Manjaro on my laptop till Monday because I need it for my job. I guess the latest rc5 is pretty close to the stable release, so do you think that it is safe to use this iso? On the other hand, I hesitate to use the stable 20.0.3 iso, assuming that the updates will be quite a lot. What do you advise me to do?

Hello, even if it’s not the official Mikah release, it’s way up to date compared to the “old” isos.
You can install the RC without worry, it’s just a matter of final choice of packages for the stable Iso to come.


Thank you for your immediate response. If I install the rc5 iso, will I have to do anything else when the stable iso is released?

No, your system will update automatically and will be at one time at the same point than the iso (then more up to date after fewer updates, as the iso won’t change) . Manjaro is a rolling release, you install it once, stable or rc , and it will keep being updated.


All you need to do is keep your system updated. The final release of the 20.1 .iso may still lie a bit farther into the future, and chances are that the software of the system itself will have gone though a few more updates by that time. :wink:

Remember, Manjaro is a (curated) rolling-release distribution. :wink:


Thank both of you for your advice!!! :heart_eyes:


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