Installing on Acer Aspire emmc


I saw this post. Well, I also want to install Manjaro KDE on the internal eMMC drive on my machine (2-in-1 laptop). I did many tests during a long time through usb key with Manjaro installed on it to see if my hardware was full supported. It is now the case with the Manjaro 21.2 KDE version. So, I’m ready to install it on the internal eMMC drive. But I have some questions.

  1. What filesystem must I use on the EmmC ? I’m thinking about Ext4. Is it a good choice ?

  2. Do I need to enable the Trim for the EmmC ?

  3. I will no use a swap partition or a swap file. So, I think to use systemd-swap if necessary. But with the last Manjaro KDE version, the system takes less that the half of the ram (I’ve got 2Gb ram), and with customization I think I can reduce more the memory. So, I don’t know if systemd-swap will be necessary.

If you have more advices, thanks in advance.


You may run into the message No bootable devices found after install.

This is most likely due to the firmware is hardcoded to work only with Windows.

I have an aspire ES1-432 - and while it happily loaded the most recent Windows 11 - but when wiped for everything and installed Manjaro - only the above message - when using the emmc.

Adding a 2.5" SSD device allow the system to boot.

There is advise on how to circumvent this firmware flaw in the uefi troubleshooting section on Arch wiki. I had to figure out what caused it in the first place and the next steps is to find the right fix for the beast