Installing Manjaro to external drive to be used internally

I bought a new SSD to replace my current HDD. I am planning to reinstall Manjaro and then move my back-up to the new installation.

The way I was planning to do this was by mounting the new disk through a USB to SATA cable, install everything, make sure everything is working, then install the now still external disk internally.

My question is, would that work or should I just build the new SSD into my laptop and then run the installation?

I would probably say just do it in the new machine because that way the system recognizes the hardware its working with.

You can do what you say … though I would mention to watch out for the ESP - you neither want to format your existing one, nor do you want to forget about adding it to the new SSD you are going to move over (and I guess the same goes for grub). That, and make sure it doesnt have any specific drivers loaded either.

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Thinking about it, it may be more logical to switch the drive before installing Manjaro on it. This way, the system will be installed as it will be used.
And then, if the installation worked, copy your data back from the now external HDD; or if it failed, switch the HDD back.

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