Installing Manjaro Phosh on Pinetab

As of lately, I have gotten myself a Pine64 Pinetab. Since i have Manjaro Phosh on my Pinephone, i wanted to see how it would run on the Pinetab hardware. The issue is that I cant seem to get any image working either on the external SD card or eMMC through JumpDrive.

I have tried several SD cards, updated balenaEthcer and tried several recent Manjaro Phosh images as well as one that was 2 months old. I can ran other OS’s on it, including Arch Phosh, but i really want Manjaro Phosh. Even tried Manjaro Plasma to no luck.

Is there any way to see if Manjaro will work on the Pinetab.Will try in Linux later tonight to see if that makes a difference as I have been trying within Windows (I know, i know).

Is there still development being done for the Pinetab? Seems like its kinda a dead project across the board.


Our development for the PineTab has been halting for a while, since Pine64 does not seem to be producing/selling them again and not many was actually shipped out to users.

I haven’t tried the Phosh edition for a while, but I did try the Plasma Mobile one a few weeks ago, which booted, sometimes it wouldn’t initialize the screen though.

But, development is most likely dead for this device, sorry.

Thanks for the reply. Although that is a bummer to hear, its good to have confirmation as it looks like i need to look elsewhere.