Installing Manjaro in vmware (xf86-video-vmware)

When installing Manjaro in a vmware vm, the live-cd dynamically adjusts the screen size to match the vm window size. However, in the installed system this feature does not work until you install xf86-video-vmware manually (sudo pacman -S xf86-video-vmware).

Welcome to Manjaro.

I’m uncertain what you’re trying to say: Are you suggesting a video driver for a specific virtualization software should be included in a “normal” installation?
If I understood you correctly: Why? It’s certainly not needed on real hardware (which would be the normal use case) or any other virtualization software (kvm, virtualbox, hyper-v, …).

It seems I mistakenly thought, that mouse driver for this specific software was installed automatically and guessed that the installer detected, that it is running in a vm, thus installing the necessary packages. The package in question is xf86-input-vmmouse.

Still, I think it would be a great feature if the installer detected common vms and suggested installing respective drivers. Ofc, it’s on the vm and the user to keep track of such things, but I believe an additional advice/warning would be helpful.

Ok, I am very confused. I checked the package description of xf86-input-vmmouse and it says “X org VMWare Mouse input driver”, thus I believe I was correct in assuming it was specifically aimed at vmware.

I just did a fresh install of Manjaro on a new vm to check whether this package was installed automatically: it was. What I did not expect was that the package xf86-video-vmware (which I had to install manually the first time) was installed from the start as well this time.

Update: did the whole thing again to make sure I followed exact same steps and the package xf86-video-vmware was installed automatically. I have no idea how/why was it missing in my first installation.