Installing Manjaro Gnome via Architect leaves some apps unthemed

For example Manjaro Settings, Kernel Manager, MHWD, Rapid Photo Downloader etc… I did notice that these apps are properly themed when installing Manjaro via Calamares.

My Question is what do I need to do to make these apps follow the system theme?

Install manjaro-gnome-settings and qt5ct. Open Qt5 Settings, set the Style to Adwaita or Adwaita-Dark and the Palette Color scheme to Adwaita-maia or Adwaita-maia-dark.

This only makes things worse. It does theme said apps to a black theme but it’s not adwaita-maia-dark-compact and it’s also improperly themed.

Mind posting a screenshot of a Gtk and Qt application side by side?

Kvantum maybe? kvantum-qt5 as I recall the name.

We no longer use Kvantum by default on GNOME.

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Please post the output of:

cat /etc/environmnent

cat /etc/environment
cat ~/.profile

cat: /etc/environmnent: No such file or directory

export MANGOHUD=1

Oops, typo.

cat /etc/environment
# This file is parsed by pam_env module
# Syntax: simple "KEY=VAL" pairs on separate lines




# Force to use Xwayland backend

#Not tested: this should disable window decorations


Right. Changing QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME="gnome" to qt5ct and commenting QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE="kvantum" kind of did it.

For instance, Rapid Photo Downloader, white before, is now following the system dark theme correctly, accent colors, progress bars and all. However, Manjaro Settings, the kernel manager, the hardware manager, while dark themed, have a blue accent color. Anyway to get the latter to follow the correct system theme with green as the accent color?

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I already answered that question before you asked. :wink:

But it doesn’t do that.

What doesn’t do what?

It doesn’t change the accent color from blue to the correct green of the system theme.

Since it hasnt been said explicitly … I will just highlight that these are different GUI toolkits.
GNOME is a GTK desktop environment - its default apps and such follow the GTK theming.
QT is a different framework (utilized by, for example, the DE Plasma).
Your regular gnome themes only affect GTK … you must otherwise configure QT … for whatever you want, such as making it match.
There has been some progress in automatically emulating appearance between the two … but otherwise you probably need to be selective about what themes you choose - specifically to make sure that there are both GTK and QT versions available.

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Got it.

The result I got so far, ie having it in dark mode is good enough. I can live with different accent colors for some apps, especially those I use rarely.

Thanks all for your input.

The easy way I’ve found for Gnome is install Gnome Tweaks and you can change themes icons to match whatever color you wish.

It’s not the icons I have issues with, but rather the different accent color.

adwaita-qt had some changes and accent colors for Adwaita-maia-dark need a rework. Will try to sort them out and talk to Matty for an update.

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