Installing Manjaro ARM with XFCE onto PinebookPro

As the title implies, I’m trying to install Manjaro ARM xfce onto my pinebook pro via SD card. After I finish setup and the system reboots I hit the login screen, however it won’t accept my username/password. I’ve done this a few times now just to make sure I wasn’t simply bumping extra keys when entering anything.

Try Ctrl + Alt+F2

You should then have a console, try logging in there.

That could work, but I’m unsure now… On my latest attempt It seemed to fix itself? (I had previously used punctuation in my username, and this time I didn’t, and it let me log in normally, no idea if it’s related). Unfortunately I can’t test it out at the moment… I had run the manjaro-arm-installer script from my SD boot to install Xfce the OS directly to my eMMC, aaand I somehow messed it up. Now, no matter if I try to boot from eMMC or SD, the power light starts and stays a solid red, and I am shown only a black command screen with various lines of text.

“Device 0: unknown device
rockchip_pcie pcie@f8000000: failed to find ep-gpios property
no ethernet found.
missing environment variable: pxeuuid
It then goes on to list several missing bootfiles all followed by “no ethernet”, So… yea… it seems my original issue is “solved”, but I’ve unlocked a whole new headache.

EDIT: I think I found a solution to the new problem in a Pine64 forum thread from last year, but it might take some time to get the hardware I need to do it…

What is the last lines you see?

The final set after the lines relating to ethernet reads…

dhcp [loadAddress] [[mostIPaddr:]bootfilename]
Executing script at 00500000
Wrong image format for “source” command
SCRIPT FAILED: continuing…

Edit: I believe I need to open the case up and disable the eMMC chip, I should then be able to boot from SD again. ought to be able to run it normally from there, I’ll be able to deal with the eMMC chip later.

the username is used for the home folder, there are certain reserved characters you can’t use.


I got ya, I had just gone with “j.p” in my failed attempts, and “jp” seemed to let me in. I can test this out now… I removed the eMMC and it appears to be letting me boot from SD again…