Installing Manjaro and PopOs in Dual Boot with windows in Acer laptop breaks BIOS

I installed Manjao and PopOs in my Acer laptop (had to change RFI, disable Secure Boot)

Trying to get to bios leads to blank screen with a dash (described here: Can't access UEFI after installing linux dual boot — Acer Community and DUAL Boot Problem! BIOS wont load if i install LINUX in DUAL Boot HELIOS 300 — Acer Community)

I managed to get back the BIOS by deleting the EFI partition of Linux (and other partitions).
IG it has got to do something with the efi partition.

Is there a way to install PopOs/Manjaro in dual boot and not breaking the bios.

Complete beginner here

Don’t know but this smells like that After install BIOS is not accessible anymore

Problem is shitty manufacturer.