Installing JottaCloud from AUR: python2 dependency problems

JottaCloud is a cloud backup service in Norway that I use. The linux cli tool has been to premaure to actually be usable until lately. This is basically the only reason why I still have windows 10 on my pc’s.

jotta-cli and jottalib-git is available from aur but I am missing some python2 dependencies and I dont know how to resolve this issue.

$ pacaur -S jotta-cli jottalib-git
:: Packages jotta-cli jottalib-git not found in repositories, trying AUR…
:: resolving dependencies…
:: no results found for python2-certifi (dependency tree: jottalib-git python2-certifi)
:: no results found for python2-requests-toolbelt (dependency tree: jottalib-git python2-requests-toolbelt)
:: no results found for python2-watchdog (dependency tree: jottalib-git python2-watchdog)
:: no results found for python2-xattr (dependency tree: jottalib-git python2-xattr)

The package isn’t actively maintained, the dependencies simply do not exist (anymore). Just take a look at it’s AUR page: AUR (en) - jottalib-git
Is this really needed? The other package you’re trying to install is jotta-cli has no dependency to jottalib-cli

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You are probably right, maybe I dont need the lib

I managed to install jotta-cli without it, so I’m testing it now.

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You were right about jottalib-git not being part of jotta-cli. However I am still having major problems.

It seems like jotta-cli uses syslog which is not used in manjaro anymore. So when the daemon tries to run, it terminates with error complaining about the missing syslog.

Can someone maybe try to install jotta-cli on their own computer to see if its a manjaro thing or a ‘me’ thing?

  • syslog has been superceeded by systemd logging but both can still be made to work together.
  • However, it’s not going to be straightforward, so for one application it’s not worth your while so you should be looking into and application alternative first.
  • If that’s not an option:
    • start reading syslog documentation and how to make it work together with systemd because you’re not going to find a lot of people still using it here
    • some of the professional *nix Sysadmins here still do, but as they’re professionals, they’ll be wanting you to have read the documentation first, so read up before asking there and ask very precise questions where you get stuck yourself. Don’t expect them to hand you a solution without any serious reading up on your side first.


Python 2 was EOL 2020-01-01.

All python2 packages was deprecated and demoted to AUR - some simply removed - so you will have to work yourself through the dependencies building them from AUR or some other channel.