Installing Duplicati - for beginners

On Ubuntu I was using Duplicati and would like to continue doing so. However, after the graphical install on Manjaro there was no menu entry, and trying duplicati from terminal returned bash: duplicati: command not found. Terminal install to the rescue:

pamac build duplicati2-beta returns some info not provided by the graphical installer:

  * UI can be accessed via following URL: http://localhost:8200
  * Running duplicati user instance (using current user account)
    - to reload user systemd modules:        systemctl --user daemon-reload
    - to start duplicati manually:                   systemctl --user start duplicati
    - to autostart duplicati on user login:    systemctl --user enable duplicati

Run those commands first (I assume you want Duplicati to autostart at login) before heading to the UI to configure.

End note: There are 2 AUR packages for Duplicati. I chose the beta as that’s the one I was using previously, but I don’t know the difference between it and duplicati-latest.

Hope this little “guide” will be useful to someone!

What do you mean?
Did you use a graphical package manager (like pamac)? Or something else?

From the webpage and the PKGBUILDs (1 2), duplicati2-beta is the current (beta) release, while duplicati-latest is the latest developer release.

From both PKGBUILDs, i’d say you are looking for


Yes, I meant using pamac gui (named “Add/Remove Software” in my start menu).

Thanks for clarifying the difference between the packages!

Oh, I see. Thanks!

Anyway I got it working by doing the install from terminal and executing those systemctl-commands post-install. Only itch is that the tray icon isn’t behaving well, often crashing when clicked instead of opening the Duplicati web UI.