Installing Coinomy, but from the terminal

So, I have installed tar.gz file of coinomy wallet. Extracted it from the terminal.

Usually I would use the ./configure and then make install command, however terminal does not seems to react on that.
I looked for similar problems and found a post on this forum where somebody recomended to go for AUR

It does not suits me because:

  1. Link in the post is empty
  2. I want to learn how to install such an applications in the future

I looked to do something and installed openJDK from snapstore repositories and… got stuck in there. Tried

openjdk coinomi-wallet-linux64.jar

and got this

   ~  openjdk coinomi-wallet-linux64.jar  :heavy_check_mark:

The question is - how to install coinomi from terminal in my case using openjdk and avoiding proprietary apps if possible?

./configure (or sometimes ./Configure) is a script for configuring the Makefile that comes with the source code, and the script is itself then also included with said source code — the notation ./ is shorthand for “in the current working directory”.

This implies that what you downloaded and unpacked would indeed have been a source code tarball, but that is not always the case. It is quite possible that what you downloaded was just an archive with an already ready-to-use application.

make is a utility from the base-devel package group, and it is used in conjunction with a Makefile — see the paragraph above this one — to compile the source code and link it into an actual application/program.

Snaps and FlatPaks are containerized applications; they do not have access to the full system resources. If the installation of the application you downloaded had been successful, then it would have been installed system-wide, but Snaps and FlatPaks cannot see outside of their own container.

The solution is to either find a Snap or FlatPak of Coinomy — which will come with its own version of openjdk — or to use one of the openjdk versions from the repository.

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I think you are wrongly generalizing how to install applications.

Those steps are usually needed for compiling and installing an application from source.
Does the archive you downloaded cointain the source? Or is it already compiled?

OpenJDK provides both development kits (JDK) and runtime environments (JRE) for developing and running Java applications, respectively: Java - ArchWiki
OpenJDK packages are already available in the repositories, so you don’t really need to install a Snap package, moreover given the restrictions @Aragorn mentioned.
Beside this, does the application actually need a JRE to run? Is it even a Java application?

It’s common to find such instructions in a file bundled in the archive, like a README or INSTALL. Have you looked for those?
Also, in most cases it is not necessary to actually install an application in order to run it. Simply extract the content of the archive and run the executable file.

Considering the hard time i have finding their source code, i think that one is proprietary…


I won’t run it on my system, but java applications are started with java -jar coinomi-wallet-linux64.jar

It is available in the AUR: AUR (en) - coinomi-wallet-bin

pamac build coinomi-wallet-bin


@maycne.sonahoz the archieve does not needs to be compiled - you are right. It is also runs on java - there are .jar files. I wish I could stick photos, but I can not.

@Aragorn have not noticed the coinomi in both Flat and Snap reps, only AUR and while trying to install it face such a thing in terminal:

Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...

To install (6):
  debugedit             5.0-4                                             core   
  libxss                1.2.3-4        (Required By: coinomi-wallet-bin)  extra  
  java-runtime-common   3-3            (Required By: coinomi-wallet-bin)  extra  
  libnet                1:1.1.6-1      (Required By: coinomi-wallet-bin)  extra  
  jre-openjdk-headless  (Required By: coinomi-wallet-bin)  extra  39.0 MB
  jre-openjdk   (Required By: coinomi-wallet-bin)  extra  187.8 kB
To build (1):
  coinomi-wallet-bin    1.3.0-3                                           AUR

Total download size: 39.2 MB
Total installed size: 177.5 MB

Edit build files : [e] 
Apply transaction ? [e/y/N]

I chose yes and before, when it asked be which version of jre-openjdk I want I have chosen the default one by pressing 1. So after I get many 404: Error 404 Error 404 Error 404 Error 404

update your mirrors

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