Installing Coinomi Wallet

Hello dear Manjaro Users!
I am an absolute newbie to manjaro and Linux in general and hoestly have quite some dificulties adapting to this new environment. Coming from windows, i am used to download software from a website and installing the .exe files and now I’m struggling installing a simple program.

I want to install the Coinomi Crypto Wallet from here: Download Coinomi | Coinomi
and have no idea what to do with the downloaded tar.gz file from them.

I figured that it’s a compressed folder that I can extract and I see that there is an executable file as well as an .desktop file inside which both seem to be important.
However, there’s no way to install them. Double Clicking justs asks me which program I’d like to choose to run the file but whichever I click on, it never seems promising.

It worked though right clicking on the executable file and clicking on “run in konsole”
The program starts and looks good. However, it seems to be not installed and more like a “one time thing”

Can someone help me and explain how I can install the program completely?
Thanks so much in advance!

You can install it via AUR. This is the AUR package

If you do not know what AUR is, please read:


Thanks a lot! I’ll try that out :slight_smile: