Installing Cinnamon

I installed the minimum version of Manjaro for Raspberry Pi 4. It booted and installed everything went smoothly.
I tried to update Manjaro with: sudo pacman -Syu which returns a whole punch of 404 errors.
Then I tried to install Cinnamon Desktop Environment: sudo pacman -S cinnamon . It gets the package I hit [y] to install and then every single file returns a 404 error.
If I run: sudo ifconfig
Output: sudo: ifconfig: command not found
I’m connected with ethernet and my router isn’t blocking traffic. I can get SSH access.

I’m pretty sure I need to change PPA’s or configure the internet but I have no idea how to do that in Manjaro. I’m completely new to Manjaro. I’m learning linux but I’ve just used Ubuntu and Raspbian so far.

I got Manjaro here: Downloading File /rpi4/minimal/19.12 - Manjaro ARM - OSDN
I’m using these instructions for install: Install Desktop Environments - Manjaro Linux

Manjaro doesn’t use ppa, have you tried updating your mirrors see if that fixes it

The latest images are from here.
But no Cinnamon Desktop image.

The minimal image you downloaded is really old and is using the old mirrors. We do not provide Cinnamon images as stated in above post. If you burn this pi 4 minimal 20.06 image and do a pacman -Syu and reboot you should be upgraded to the latest 20.08 version.



@Darksky Your updated version came linked to the proper packages. Thanks.
I got everything up and running smooth.

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