Installing Awesome WM on Manjaro KDE Edition

Hi there. I’ve been tempted by trying tiling window managers. I have installed i3, but want to try Awesome. I noticed that Manjaro has an actual Awesome community edition. I have installed awesome (as well as awesome-freedesktop, vicious, and lain) and am using it fine, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to set up Awesome so it’s the same as the Awesome community edition - in terms of the icons, widgets, menu etc.

Currently the best solution I can think of is to download the Manjaro Awesome edition, install on a VM, and manually copy over the files.

Unless you can suggest a smarter way? Are there packages that can be downloaded straight from the AUR? I know awesome can be downloaded, but I mean the Manjaro-specific config in the community edition.

You can install the settings package - but because the desktop settings packages contains the same files they are set to conflict with each other - so this will remove the KDE settings package - which is probably not what you want.

Another option is to download the settings package - you can use pacman for that - then you can unpack the settings to a neutral folder and copy the desired files to your home.

pacman -S manjaro-awesome-settings -w

But I don’t know specifically what the package contains or there is something copied over on the iso.

Aah. Thanks mate. That’s the package I was after. Still getting used to Manjaro/Arch.

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