Installing AUR packages using yay vs pamac

Hi just wanted to download and install mailspring from the AUR however when i ran yay -S mailspring the download was taking forever however when i ran sudo pamac build mailspring it downloaded significantly faster.

So i guess my question is this.
Why is the yay command slower than the pamac command and
Is it safer to install AUR packages from yay or from pamac or does it not really matter?

Thanks in advance


Both use the same PKGBUILD from the AUR so the source URL will be the same. There should be no difference in download speed between Yay and Pamac.

The server could have been busier the first time you tried it?

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It doesn’t matter - only a matter of preference.

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Thanks for the quick response. Thaught it had something to do with the mirror lists not working the same between the two.

mirrorlist is for official repo.

AUR is only scripts which is executed on your system and when executed they fetch the sources or binaries from the provider of the application.

This can be any type of SCM or the application’s binary sources e.g. a debian or redhat package - which is then unpacked and repacked as a pacman package.

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