Installing alongside Ubuntu

On my PC, I installed Windows first (on my SSD). Then, after a while, I installed Ubuntu on a separate hard, because I thought it was the best option. Now, a project I want to do requires Arch, but the person on the video recommended Manjaro. My hard drive has a 1 TB partition for extra Windows storage, and 500 GB for Ubuntu. I want it to be 250 for Ubuntu and 250 for Manjaro. I have somewhat of an idea on how this works, but would there be any way to install Manjaro alongside it and also use grub?

(by the way, I’m using Manjaro for passing my GPU through to a VM)

Do you have a great need to keep Ubuntu? If not I would just wipe the Ubuntu part of the drive and install Manjaro. I am a longtime Mint user and played with Manjaro and then went back to Mint. But I found that Manjaro is much more fun and faster than Mint so I came back to Manjaro.

Yes, triple boots are working!

The only thing to remember is to install Manjaro last and to chroot into Manjaro and perform an update-grub from Manjaro whenever Ubuntu updates its grub because Manjaro is always ahead of the other Linuxes so when they install a “new” version of grub, most of the time they downgrade it…


Make sure Secure boot is disabled. This won’t be required for Ubuntu but for Manjaro.

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