Installing a Quivi Image Viewer

Hi guys,

I’m new to Linux (about 8 hours old) and I can’t figure out how to install a program called Quivi. It’s got 2 versions a .deb package and a source one. I tried to install it by converting the deb package to an arch package using debtap, and I was able to install it but it doesn’t open. I really want this program since I love how it does its file navigation.

So I got some questions:
-Would it be possible to create an arch package using the source version and how hard would it be for a beginner?
-Is converting the .deb package viable for this type of program? If so how would you guys convert it?


It is a 10+ years old Python program that I think you’ll have issues to have to run on Manjaro (because of its code, and the required Python version, because of its required libraries, things like that).
In this case I would use the Windows version, that may be an unpopular opinion but I think it is the easiest way.

Make sure you have WINE (a compatibility layer that can run Windows applications on Linux systems) installed from Pamac Manager, then download the Windows edition for Quivi, you can choose the installer and directly install it, or the zip file, extract it somewhere, and simply run the executable. Using the installer will add it to your real application menu, despite the application being installed as a Windows program in WINE.

I would recommend to look for other similar up to date tools though, available from the official Manjaro repositories, or the AUR.

PS: what can you like in this tool? It is horrible in my opinion. Feels very Windows 98.

If I compare it to Gwenview which comes pre installed on my KDE installation, I can do the same and more, in a nice interface I can customize. Pretty sure all other Manjaro desktops have their default image viewer that can do the same. And pretty sure you can find many more tools…

Also if you want this tool because you were used to it on Windows and don’t want to change, I recommend you to stop doing that, do not try to keep your old programs, you just need to find a current and maintained program that can do the same thing and is available in Manjaro directly. I was doing that when I switched to Manjaro years ago, but at some point I realized there were better programs available. You just need to find them and accept to not live in the past :smiley:


Hi omano,

Thanks so much, I was able to install it using WINE. I still have some quirks to iron out but I’m most likely just going to find an alternative.

I mainly use it because it doesn’t have a lot of fluff and I haven’t seen any other program do a similar navigation. With Quivi I’m able to browse through my folders easily and quickly because it can browse parent folders and the next/previous folders with keyboard shortcuts it also does this without closing/minimizing the image that’s already displayed since the navigation is done solely on the sidebar.

I’ve been trying to find alternatives for it on windows without any success, on Linux I’ve only tried Gwenviewer which only had a keyboard shortcut for opening the parent folder and not the next/previous folder. It’s probably the closest that I’ve seen to Quivi’s navigation so I’ll read on it some more once I have the time.

Anyways, I’ve rambled enough about this program so, thanks again for the help. :smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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