Installing a new theme into Gnome version

I run a Lenovo W530 laptop & have been using Manjaro for about two years now with few issues. That said, I’ve never done much customization. I watched a distro youtube about Garuda and found the color scheme fascinating (though garish!). I tried installing it because had a new SSD and thought it might make a fun Backup OS just in case, but I couldn’t make it past grub issues (with Garuda, Endeavour, Reborn all failing as well until finally I just installed Gnome Manjaro again and it was fine for some reason).

So I wanted to see if, with the same old Manj. Gnome, I could put in some new themes. There are dozens in the usr/share/themes folder, but it seems hardly any of them work with Gnome - at least they don’t show up in the Tweeks or Extensions Themes areas.

I did manage to download a Numix theme and paste it into the .themes folder and access it. I also did the same with the Candy-icons (used in Garuda) and pasted them into the .icons folder and both are available in Tweaks/Appearance.

But when I downloaded a Numix Package, nothing happened.
And when I went into Package Manager and installed a whole bunch of somethings, the process kept getting aborted at the end.

Now: what I would really like is to simply try out Arc Dark theme. That doesn’t seem to be asking too much. But I don’t know how to get the right one to put into the .themes folder so that Tweek can see it and I can try it.

I am surprised that I can’t seem to load anything using pacman in terminal or the Package Manager GUI.

Any suggestions or clear instructions most welcome.

One does not need to switch to a different distro just for a theme. I don’t remember which Garuda uses, but I’m sure it’s easy to figure out. :wink:

Who? Please don’t invent useless, ridiculous abbreviations. You know what the distro is called. Manj seems like you’re mispelling mange. Yuk.

You downloaded it, that happened. And then?

There are plenty of Numix themes and icons available in the repos and AUR (Arch User Repository).

Such as…?

Arc is in the community repo as arc-gtk-theme. You can install it via Add/Remove Software or via terminal with pamac or pacman.


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I think I needed to reboot. At some point they all showed up. Sorry for late reply, I guess I don’t get notifications.

Are you trying to discourage people asking questions on the forum? Your terse replies could be taken that way.

Of course not.

Terse can be defined as concise and to the point. That’s my aim. My direct questions to not so direct statements / queries helps solve a problem faster by extracting the necessary information needed to solve it. This comes from years of troubleshooting both professionally and as a hobby. Being straightforward and truthful is a virtue.

Yes I take your point and I’m not trying to start an argument. I’m just pointing out that your post comes across as a bit hostile - I thought. Constructive criticism is how this is intended :grinning: :+1:

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