Installing a new graphics adapter

Hi everyone,

i am running Manjaro Gnome for a few years now and everything works fine. Recently my old Radeon RX550 started giving VRAM-faults so i got new graphics adapter. This is a system for office-use - the new one is a AMD RX 6400. I am running Gnome 46.1 with Wayland, Kernel 6.6.30-2 and amdgpu. My question: What is necessary to get the new graphics adapter running with my currently installed system? Can i just put it in the PCIe-slot, start up and amdgpu will do the job? Thx for your help.

This should work. Make sure to remove any “special” adjustments you might have made with regard to the graphics driver. Just to be prepared have an USB stick ready with a decent Manjaro version to be able to chroot in case surprisingly needed.

Thank you - very good! The only adjustment i did: I used the command

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features “[‘scale-monitor-framebuffer’]”

to get finer options for fractional scaling in gnome-settings. But this has nothing to do with amdgpu, right?

Should be no problem.

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Thank your - it worked perfectly!

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