Installing a Manjaro Xfce virtual machine but the setup wizard doesnt install it

After booting the live Manjaro in a virtual machine to install it, clicking the icon to install and do the whole setup wizard(set language, erase disk, account and passwords etc etc)
At the last dialog when it says it is going to install now I click ok and the setup wizard disappears and I’m left with just the live Manjaro desktop and it appears there’s no installation going on.
Clicking again the icon to install Manjaro again gives the same behavior.

The strange thing is I was able to install a Linux Mint Xfce virtual machine with no issues.

The host is Manjaro Xfce.
And this problem happens on both virt-manager and gnome-boxes.

Anyone with the same issue?

Did you reboot?

I seem to have figured it out and it’s installing now.
Although the recommended requirements for Manjaro are at least 1GB memory and 30 GB of disk space I was using 2GB and 30 GB it wasn’t working. Upped to 3GB and 40 GB and it works now.

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