Installing a different file manager than files

Don’t mix DE within one single user account.
Create a separate one for each.
… still all the installed software is available - and might impede assessement of how each one would work if installed as the only option

I’m struggling with what that might actually mean.

DE - Desktop Environment? meaning Gnome? Or the file browser? sorry I’m stupid…
I wanted to just use one new file manager. But since falav said he didnt uninstall files because its imbricated in gnome, I kept it installed aswell.

what I said about taking effect after rebooting. I thought its like replacing files somehow and not showing up as a new application…

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DE indeed meaning Desktop Environment
NOT specifically Gnome
there are many
Xfce, KDE, Gnome …
and then there are Window managers like Openbox, Fluxbox, Icewm … -
configured to be usable more easily using parts of … Xfce and by scripts …

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They are talking about Pantheon Files not Pantheon the DE. You can install Pantheon Files from our repo without the DE.

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ah and yes I think pantheon works! I was confused because it was not called something with Pantheon in the application name, but just “Files” again, but with a different icon

And did it fulfill your needs comparing to Nautilus?

I know

Hmm, Pantheon seems very minimalistic barely any funcions ^^…
Nemo has some advantages, but the Quicklook preview plugin was not working greatly.
I’ll probably try around a little with different browsers. I guess one always has to adapt about certain details…

Dolphin & PCManFM are the ones I use a lot and love if you want to check them out. I like them because they both can do dual panel view.

which is a very useful thing to have

I still always prefer the terminal compatible things - like “mc”
It just works - and everywhere.
The graphical tools/functionality of graphical file managers
are hard to use (for me)
since I already know how to do all of that in … “mc”