Installer to blackscreen regardless of driver

Hello everyone!

I have an odd problem. Whenever I try to install manjaro from my USB, which I did do ages back, it just takes me to a black screen. It doesnt matter if I select open source drivers or proprietary ones. Always the same result.

It just remains a blackscreen no matter how long I leave it.

Oddly enough when I try to boot back into windows after this it says it cant verify winload.efi and now I cant use windows which… is a bit strange since nothing was installed and nothing even touched the drive windows is on.

Ill admit Im at a loss of what to do. I even tested the iso in a VM just to make sure alls good but when it came to actually installing it seems to not only not work but nuked windows too. The strangest thing is i got windows working yesterday after enough restarts but its the same problem today. So no idea.

Id imagine there might be something that I can do through GRUB command lines but I dont know enough, or anything really, to do much.

Thank you in advance.

PS: Ive dug around and the best I can really guess is when looking at boot options it has “radeon.modeset=1” and amd_ucode.img which makes me think it’s trying to load up an AMD system when I have an Nvidia GPU. Could be completely normal though, I’m not familiar enough to tell.

Just my luck to decide to switch to Manjaro full time and trip over step 0 hah.

While that is not a Windows Forum, the messages of Windows gave me the idea of some sort of failure:

That happens when this efi file is damaged, propably the file system. Windows checks the integrity.

After enough restarts while booting, Windows goes into safe boot. Probably skips the integrity check then.

Is it possible that you have secure boot enabled and tries to boot in UEFI mode? That will block Linux to load.

That is totally normal.

So at the end I would say there are some sorts of problem with the RAM, HDD/SSD/NVME, or it is just secure boot. :man_shrugging:

Hello and thank you

It seems you were right about secure boot. It was something I suspected before since I saw it mentioned before but I didnt see it in my bios so I thought it was off.

To help anyone with similar issues
I use an ROG motherboard.
Turn off CSM in boot options.
This will make a secure boot option appear, while it was preciously hidden. (Which is what confused me)
Clear keys to disable it.
Now Manjaro should boot.

Though now that I can boot into Manjaro I just get a blinking _ after it does all its checks. At least Im a step closer.

Edit: A few restarts fixed that problem. Thank you very much and sorry for taking up some of your time!

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