Installer OOM / memory requirements / bug

Hi folks,

I have just installed Manjaro on a UEFI machine with 8GB of ram. I had a bunch of trouble, where I would go through the installer until the final question to install, and on hitting that button the GUI would disappear.

I looked in journalctl to discover that it was OOM’ing. I Googled the issue and turned up this post: (TODO: will add link post once I’m sufficiently “ranked” - the title of that post is “could not install with only 2gb of ram”) however this appeared to be inconclusive.

I further looked at the issue, and found that my system had plenty of ram still available, free(1) said 991mb available, and >3880mb in buf/cache. This should be ample, yet still the OOM was happening.

I fired up gparted, cleared out the partition table, added a 4GB swap to the end of the disk. I ran swapon to attach that swap, and restarted the installer. It has now just finished, and free(1) reports that swap has remained completely unused! (I also watched htop throughout the install, which reported the same).

This sounds like there’s something like an mmap being done in calamares that’s triggering the OOM, but it’s clear that it doesn’t need actual allocation. Perhaps some flags need relaxing?

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I seem to be running into the same issue :cry:

I have installed Manjaro XFCE on two machines with 8 GB RAM without having this problem.

I tried 2x on a Chromebook with 4GB memory and got the OOM killer as soon as I hit the final “install now” in the installer. I now inserted another flash drive and created a swap partition and now it’s doing the install.