Installer fails on crypted setup


My old notebook (2015 Lenovo T450s) will never get Win11-Support. So I decided to install Manjaro Talos xfce-Edition, because I want to use a rolling-release-distro. My Linux-knowledge is at beginners-level, mostly with Debian-derivates.

Two days ago I tried to install Manjaro. The installer failed more than one time. I allowed to occupy the full SDD, I wanted a cryped setup (password given) and a SWAP-Partition. After the first reboot all worked fine. But then at the second boot, the system never started again.

After some research I decided to go without SWAP, and since that day, my setup is working. Last thing to mention is, that I’ve added a swap-file after installation. That option was new to me.

I don’t know is this is an expected behavior or bug. So I wanted to inform you.