Installer crash

Steps: Boot into live env (with proprietary drivers), close installer, connect to Wi-Fi, reopen installer, select partition to be used (in this case previous manjaro install), progress bar shows and after few secs crashes (technically auto closes because there is no error).
Additional info; Dual monitor setup, installer window dragged from Monitor 1 to Monitor 2.

A user here.

Thank you for trying to help!
You provided not enough information to start to investigate the case. Need to collect more.

You can increase chances to make others be able to fix this problem if to provide (at least):

  1. full name of iso file used to load live env,
  2. inxi report during your live env:
export LANG=C; inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --width
  1. crash and other error should be logged in systemd journal during live env.
journalctl -p3 -b

Also show separately

journalctl -p4 -b

with proprietary drivers


mhwd -li

while in that live env.

  1. Does the bug happens if to use only single monitor connected to PC while doing installation?

Please next time you will meet an error, after it without restart try to collect provide that basic info.