Installed with MBR instead of GPT

So I have two devices running Manjaro: the first one uses a 2.5" SATA SSD while the second one uses an m.2 NVMe SSD. Both of them use uefi. I noticed Manjaro formatted my disk as MBR on the first device while the second one installed as GPT. Why does this happen? Shouldn’t GPT be the default on modern devices?

This depends on how you have booted the USB stick for installation and what you selected as bootloader location. :grinning:

The Manjaro ISO’s are of hybrid design and therefore can be used for both UEFI and BIOS, you as user decide the way you use it.

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Hmmm can you clarify the meaning of this? Also I don’t remember the installer asking me about bootloader location.

Read the User Guide:

If you have a system capable to boot in both ways (UEFI & BIOS) then you need to select the UEFI entry from your firmware boot menu to boot the stick in UEFI mode.

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Yep that seems to be the cause. Are there any actual differences between the two in terms of performance?

UEFI is the newer system, GPT have no 2 TB size limitation for the system disk and allows more partitions directly, for an msdos parted disk (MBR) you would need an extended partition to have more than 4 partitions, but with regard to the performance I see no nameable difference if you use an SSD. I run my device as tripple boot together with Windoze on BIOS/MBR since years without any issue.

Only make sure not to mix BIOS/UEFI between the OS when you are thinking about dual boot, must be the same if you want to use the grub bootloader to boot all your OS.

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