Installed systems boot slowly or not at all

Best guess as to what is wrong: something about the installer scripts means that the Manjaro system really doesn’t like being down the list on my partition hierarchy, or else something bloating is really bugged

I installed Plasma and it took well over a minute to boot, whereas previous Plasma editions have booted in seconds. Interestingly, I get several things shown to me that no other distro shows me - namely a HP logo, twice, before and after a verbose output from systemd.

As for the i3 spin, it simply wouldn’t boot at all. I didn’t leave the PC on all night to see if it would ever get there, but after 2/3 minutes I was still just staring at my HP logo.

Full disclosure: I’m a systemd-free advocate, and was testing these editions just for testing, and in particular to see if the Manjaro i3 spin would give me an easy-to-use introduction to this window manager, but if this issue can be fixed, I would actually like to continue to test.

My setup:

  • sda1 ESP
  • sda2 antiX
  • sda3 obarun
  • sda4 Puppy frugal files
  • sda5 Manjaro (i3 system that won’t boot)
  • sda6 spare ext4 partition for testing other OSes

Does a system free system work on EFI at all?

It is possible to run Manjaro on a bios/gpt partition layout.

Anecdotal commen: Depending on the system firmware - I have a system with a flaky EFI - old Intel desktop board for what that is worth (Intel invented EFI) - it was a pain to install - the grub loader was so slow I thought it didn’t work.

Yesterday I was playing around with the latest KDE on an Acer Aspire dual-core Celeron N3350 4G ram.

I boots without hickups and the installation was flawless (used KDE minimal 21.1.6 on a 500G WD USB-C booted by ventory).

From your short description of yourself - I would expect you know all about writing ISO to USB using dd with all bells, whistles, precautions, flush on write and what-not.

I cannot recognize your experience - which lead to thoughts on the aforementioned firmware, an incomplete ISO, a flaky USB or a USB write gone wrong.

But you may already have eliminated those thoughts.

To be clear, on this one hard drive, I now have partitions with:

  • antix 19
  • antiX 21 (separate partition because it is still new and buggy for me)
  • artix
  • Tumbleweed (for training on RPM-based systems and another token systemd setup)
  • Obarun
  • Space for Puppy frugal files
  • Swap

All other systems boot absolutely fine and quickly

The Manjaro i3 system simply won’t boot
The Plasma one that preceded it took so long to boot I could have completed the first level of Quake and still been waiting

Nothing wrong with the USB stick or the DD write process

I really doubt firmware can be an issue since a) I have zero problems booting the other systems and b) I have previously had (on this same machine) - previous versions of Manjaro KDE and Budgie

I wanted to find a nice distro for testing i3. I think I will use the Artix one since no one has any good leads as to why Manjaro won’t boot.

Cheers and good luck