Installed MariaDB on raspberry pi but unable to import into Python?

Hello there!

I’m pretty new to all this. But I have recently started using Manjaro kde on my Raspberry Pi 400. I have been able to install LAMP and now trying to import MariaDB into Python. However when I do it says module not found. Is there something extra I need to install? Or I might just be putting the import line in wrong.

I have tried import MariaDB and import mysqlDB

Thanks for you help!

Hi @S225,

Please note that this is the Manjaro Linux forum, neither Python’s nor Mariadb.

However, have you taken a look at this: Python to MariaDB Connector | MariaDB

Oh dear apologies for posting on the wrong forum. Thanks for your help I will go ask else where.

you have all in prev link
aur package is python-mariadb-connector