Installed manjaro on a separate drive - windows 10 can't boot from the other one

Dear all, I’ve installed latest manjaro xfce using the GUI installer on an nvme ssd on my dell laptop. I checked the encrypt drive box for obvious reasons. I hadn’t touched the drive with win 10 at all (its a physically separate sata drive) but now i cant boot into windows boot manager (when i go into boot f12 boot menu and chose windows boot manager). I guess thats related to UEFI. So question is, how do i fix it? I am guessing should add windows to grub or something? thanks for assistance

can you provide

inxi -Fza 
sudo parted -l
sudo cat /etc/fstab
sudo efibootmgr -v

Can you see the Windows partition on Manjaro? Make sure it hasn’t been nuked first.

i kind of figured out whats the problem. windows (secondary) drive was encrypted with bitlocker and probably it didnt like other OS being installed on the primary drive. couldnt repair the installation with the ms tools so i just reinstall it now, was a fresh install after all.

I wanted to have 2 separate drives, one with manjaro, one with win10, both encrypted with its own ways. its a fresh install and i guess the lesson to learn is- turn off bitlockers in you install manjaro after you install windows.

I will get to you once i finish the reinstall. My previous experience with dual boot manjaro/win10 (pc) was great, only difference was no disk encryptions

ok so i reinstalled my windows on the secondary drive, and now it works just fine. can boot in manjaro or windows via the f12 boot menu. encryption is activated LUKS on lin, bitlocker on win. all looks fine to me i guess.
i am curious what happened in the first place though but i guess it was windows problem. next time i’ll turn off bitlocker on my windows secondary drive if i decide to reinstall OS on the primary drive.

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This is very unclear statement. What does it look like? BitLocker prompt to enter the recovery key?

Just make sure you won’t use Grub’s “Windows” entry, because that will trigger BitLocker and you will have to input its recovery key.

As you have encrypted your installation you will not be able to see grub (and thus Windows) until you have decrypted your Manjaro installation.

Always - especially - with encryption - choose separated EFI partitions - do not let Calamares use your existing Windows EFI

Oh yeah, and if you’re going to install Windows after Linux, you’d better pull your Linux drive out beforehand, because Windows is known to use existing EFI partitions no matter where they are located – that’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid as I understand. When there’s no EFI partition on a drive, it will be created by the Windows installer.

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