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I’ve tried to install using the latest download of KDE plasma several times and keep running into issues. I’m installing on top of a previous Ubuntu installation and I’ve doing the manual partition option with partitions for /boot/efi, /, and /home.

I just reinstalled and got the successfully installed you must restart message. After restarting, there’s no desktop but I can access to cli. I try startx and it doesn’t work, check the log and EE NVIDIA Failed to initialized the NVIDIA kernel module. Try to update sudo pacman -Syyu and get pipewire-media-session and wireplumber are in conflict. If I don’t remove wireplumber the upgrade stops, if I remove it, upgrade proceeds, but eventually Errors occured, no packages were upgraded.

I’ve run sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys suo pacman-mirrors -f3 and sudo pacman -Sc but the upgrade never completes. Any assistance would be appreciated.


Which one exactly, from where? link?

In all it probably makes sense to include any errors in their entirety.
Vague descriptions are less helpful.

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from Manjaro Downloads

It doesn’t show a specific error that I’ve been able to find, it just says exactly as I typed.

So can I assume that you didn’t delete the content (formatting it) and just overwrite Ubuntu’s root?

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You might need to scroll up and/or use the logs at /var/log/pacman.log.

This is not the only output.
That summation is preceded by the actual error during the process - such as “X exists on filesystem”.

Your chances getting help increase by providing good information.

As you said on top of a previous ubuntu installation ?
start all over with a clean disk and plan your manjaro install.

I re-installed being sure to format both /boot/efi and / and it’s gone much better. Thanks for the help.