Installation on SSD with all apps like Steam installed on a separate HDD

I wanna install OS on the SSD and all the other software/apps on the hard drive(1TB HDD). During installation I have seen option in manual partitioning to select which drive to be assigned to what like /opt , /var , /home etc. But was unsure how to set this up and the apps get installed in which section.

Basic system apps you should install on SSD anyways. If you will mount /home to the HDD partition, all your personal files/configurations, it may slow down your system.

  1. Create partition on HDD
  2. Assign partition to /opt and format it in ext4
  3. Assign root / directory to SSD partition and format it in ext4
  4. If you have EFI mode turned on assign your EFI partition to /boot/efi and do not format it if you have Windows alongside (its ~100MB FAT partition)

this is only for games , on a separate HDD ?

I will try out this method and see

Primarily Yes

if you have steam client installed
you will see that option in pref ( file > parameter > download > directory)
you have here the path like /home/ < user > /.local/share/Steam

you can add other path but be very careful , this partition will be an extend of you /home/ user
you should also use save and restore to migrate your old path partition to new path partition

so , first create partition on separate HDD with /game ,
do sudo chown on the disk
get UUID ( sudo lsblk -fs )
add it to /etc/stab
and reboot

check with any test file on /game ( create , uptade , suppress )

after launch Steam Client and use parameter and files options for save restore
add the path to downloads ,
then backup old path , restore to new path then suppress old path

This is a lot easier than i originally thought.

Thanks a lot!