Installation on Galaxy Book S (Intel i5) - impossible or possible

Trying (desperately) to install Manjaro on this laptop…what a nice combo these two could be, but…
From what I can gather on various forums, problem with this particular pc is that it is fairly new, i.e. it is not possible to install Linux as the kernel does not recognize keyboard, touchpad (experienced myself)…but I see also UFS disk (read that others have this issue)
Installation of Mint, Ubuntu loads up graphical interface, but Manjaro installation hangs with a message “reached target graphical interface”.
I understand that kernel 5.13 may introduce some support for above, and latest Manjaro actually happens to sport 5.13, unlike other distros…So, what could be the problem then?

Any insight, help please, hope for future fix?

Looks like this problem was discussed on the Manjaro forum before:

Could you look at what is suggested there and see if that works?

I’d personally avoid doing too much until there is some keyboard support at minimum.

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Well, for Mint and Ubuntu keyboard (and touchpad) didnt work.
For Manjaro though I use the keyboard until I reach that line"reached target graphical interface"
(wildly assume it has to do with that fact that Manjaro has kernel 5.13)

Trying out some things suggested in your link…

No success here.