Installation of manjaro failed

Hey there,

after some time using Windows I decided to switch back to Manjaro, so I slapped the KDE de on an USB stick, booted on it and tried to install.

This is how I partitioned it (could be wrong):

🟦 /dev/sda1               NTFS                              702,9 GiB
⬛ /dev/sda2               extended                          228,7 GiB
└🟥 New Partition          FAT32              /boot/efi      512,0 MiB
└🟧 New Partition          FAT32              /              228,2 GiB

(I use sda1 as my 2nd hard drive on Windows)

And this is the error message I get after the installation (translated from German):

Unpacking the image file "/run/miso/bootmnt/manjaro/x86_64/rootfs.sfs" failed
rsync failed with error code 13

I really don’t know what I’m doing so any help would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

Did you try verify the signature of the iso and test it beforehand in any virtual machine?

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I didn’t but I got the iso from the original website so I managed it wouldn’t be a problem

At least, try installing it in a vm to see if there is any problem with the iso.

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Am I reading this correctly? You’re trying to use FAT32 on the Linux system partition? :dizzy_face:

Choose a native Linux filesystem, such as XFS, Ext4, or Btrfs.

Also beware that depending on your motherboard, you might have issues when placing the EFI System Partition (“esp” / “boot”) on an extended/logical partition if you’re using an MBR table.

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:rofl: you made my day…

sorry, but FAT32 is not a valid filesystem for the root device. Choose ext4, xfs, btrfs etc.

rsync is not compatible with filesystems without ACL and therefore troughs an error. Search for “13” here: rsync(1) - Linux man page