Installation of Fonts

On a fresh MANJARO system, I need to install several fonts like this; all files needed are available from another system (DEBIAN based). Is there anything against it, to copy the needed files to
which would be the easiest and fastet approch in my eyes?
Thank you!

On KDE I just open the font with KFontView and click “Install”

Then I choose “System” in this case:

If you don’t use KDE, maybe your DE has its own tool?

Thank you MrE

On KDE I just open the font with KFontView and click “Install”

I’m using KDE and this works. But for about 25 fonts the method just to copy the files would be quicker. Anything against just copying?

I used the copy-method, everything is fine!

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I have also used the copy/paste method; but I always forget in which subdirectory the fonts go (yes, always) :smile:.
So I prefer the aforementioned method to avoid the hassle.

Thanks @MrE!
The Folders are easy (to me):

  • /home/yourname/.fonts/ for personal fonts
  • /usr/share/fonts/ for those that are used system-wide

I used the second one and added subdirecories there, e.g /usr/share/fonts/ourFonts/HandelG etc.

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