Installation of Canon Pixma MX452 Printer

Hello. First of all, I would like to say hello to the moderators before I go on to why I’m even bothering with writing this post.

OK, now with that pleasantry small talk out of the way - On to why I even bothered writing this forum. I am trying to install a Canon Pixma MX452 Printer to use with Manjaro Linux - and I would like to know what I need to do next. And step-by-step of course.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated. Thank you. :sweat_smile:

What desktop are you using? Did you try and install it thru the normal means? Have you gone to the Canon website and downloaded the drivers? Have you read “how to ask questions” section, to provide us with the information we need to answer your questions? I’ll just add, that Canon has a poor reputation for supporting Linux. I speak from personal experience as I was not able to get my TS6120 to work. Fortunately I have a Windows laptop I can drag out for the few times I actually need to print something.

Heya, Welcome to the forum :wave:

I use a Pixma MX535 as printer/scanner, set it up with minimal effort:

Steps 2 & 3 was all I needed for printing (I use Gnome)

Your situation might be the same and these steps will enable you to print.

The mx450 driver is available via the aur.

I use Gnome. If your printer is at all like my Brother printer, I’d install that driver from the aur. Then i’d go to a web browser and go to localhost:631. That pulls up the cups admin page. Via the administration tab i’d follow instructions to add printer.

Might not work. But it might work too. Good luck.

I am using the MATE desktop environment. I have been trying to figure this out - but I’ve decided that I’ll give up (for now) and try again when I have the patience to try to figure it out.
And I have been trying to go to the Canon website to download the drivers for my printer: The Canon Pixma MX452.
I know my printer also has a scanner, but I also want to use the printing capabilities as well.

Thanks, I’ll look for that. And I don’t think my printer is a brother printer, but a Canon.

Thank you! I’ve decided that I will consider this issue solved.

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