Installation of a Driver for NVIDIA

After a major crash of my system I am ending with the reinstallation of my system with xfce.

I do launch for install from a usb key with or without nonfree drivers in order to make sure that I did not miss any option.
After install, I verify that a driver “nouveau” is there and the system also FREEZES after some time.

I did follow some instructions in Manjaro’s wiki’s with sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300 as a first action when launching the new system and the installation runs successfully, apparently.

When trying to reboot, my system never appears again and I just get a freezed screen with white and green strips.

Can you help?

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This was not a direct solution but with tty I have been able to make a update-grub that activated the missing kernel-driver.
Hope this will solve my problem.
Thanks, I have been learning a bit more to become autonomous