Installation in as guest in VMWare 17.5 stuck at “A start job is running for LiveMedia MHWD…”


When I try to install manjaro in vmware 17.5 using either:
it is slow, like what’s going on slow, eventually after 15 minutes it get stuck on “A start job is running for LiveMedia MHWD…”
If I try using older kernel:
Things work as expected.

Perhaps this info can save someone time.


VMware may not yet suport Linux 6.5 - so Linux 6.1 works - then you use Linux 6.1 - not very complicated.

The thing with VMware is that it is unsupported - if it work - great - :slight_smile: - if it don’t you are on your own

Yeah, it’s a bit buggy atm, but it seems they are aware…
(I even read somewhere that someone had the problem that the whole computer restarted when trying to run vmware :open_mouth: )