Installation fails so many times

I want to install Manjaro GNOME, during the installation, it stops it and there is following error:

Command systemd-machine-id-setup ends with Exit-Code 126.
/usr/sbin/chroot: failed to run command ‘systemd-machine-id-setup’: Input/output error

What does that mean? Should I delete and install a new iso file from GNOME or what do I need to do?

are you running windows on that pc? … also the input/output error could be related to filesystem, either on the usb or the har drive

I’d suggest using a different USB media and either download or verify the integrity of the ISO you are using.

What are you using to make the media? I’ve found some applications for writing bootable USB are better than others. If you are on either Linux or Mac you can use dd in terminal, which I find to be more reliable.

I use BalenaEtcher for the USBs. They worked fine the last times. But not this time.

No I not using Windows, I was on Pop!_OS before switching

use ventoy to flash your usb, also check that the harddrive is unmounted before installation

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