Installation failed creating bootloader

I accidently deleted manjaro efi Partition and now reinstalling it but a error occurs

Installation Failed

Boost.Python error in job “bootloader”.

Command 'grub-install -target-x86_64-efi -efi-directory-/boot/efi -bootloader-id-Manjaro -force

returned non-zero exit status 1.

Installing for x86_64 efi platform. Could not prepare Boot variable: No space left on device grub-install: error. efibootmgr failed to register the boot entry: Input/output error.


File “/usr/lib/calamares/modules/bootloader/”, line 476, in run prepare_bootloader (fw_type)

File “/usr/lib/calamares/modules/bootloader/”, line 448, in prepare_bootloader install_grub(efi_directory, fw_type)

File “/usr/lib/calamares/modules/bootloader/”, line 310, in install_grub


File “”, line 6, in

How do I fix this plz help

Try to follow strictly this guide and copy every error message in combination with the commands you used:

Ensure you are actually using an EFI based system.

Next is to ensure the firmware is not populated with a lot of useless entries.

Yes I am using efi system I did efibootmgr -v the deleted some with efibootmgr -b XXXX -B

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